Ford Explorer Overdrive Button Not Working: What Do You Do?

The Ford Explorer overdrive button is important in inhibiting the car’s fuel needs. It achieves this function by reducing the vehicle’s strain on the vehicle. Do you know that the For Explore overdrive button can stop working? Let’s explore what happens behind that button and what to do when it stops working.

What Is the Ford Explorer Overdrive Button?

Overdrive is a modern driving technology that allows an individual to drive at high speed without excessive fuel consumption or wear on the engine. The process works by changing a gear’s transmission ratio to act like an extra gear. The overdrive button should be used when driving at high speed. If the button is not functioning properly, the overdrive light will flash or not turn on at all. Therefore, it is not ideal for city drives.

Causes of Ford Explorer Overdrive Not Working

High pressure in the transmission fluid is one of the major causes of an overdrive button not working. The problem is common if you’ve driven your Ford Explorer for years. In such a case, various parts would tear or become worn out. When this happens, the pressure regulator will not function as expected. In turn, the transmission’s fluid pressure would increase, causing the overdrive button not to function.

According to Vehicle Chef, a faulty vehicle speed sensor (VSS) would hinder the overdrive button’s functioning. The overdrive system relates to your vehicle’s number of IBM readings. Therefore, a faulty VSS would lead to an improper RPM rating. In this case, the overdrive button will not function properly.

Another cause, although not a reason to be worried about your Ford Explorer, is extremely cold temperatures. This is common when you don’t give your car enough time to warm up after starting the engine. If you live in an area that experiences such temperatures, you might notice that your vehicle’s overdrive button doesn’t function.

When a car has an oil leak, the oil pressure drops, affecting different parts of the car. An oil leak could also cause a faulty override button, especially if you’ve driven your vehicle for more than five years. For instance, if the oil reaches the gear, it won’t function properly, which will vary the RPM reading and speed. In such a case, the overdrive button would not function as expected.

If the transmission fluid has a higher than normal temperature, it will cause issues with the overdrive button. It’s not normal for the transmission’s fluid temperature to increase. When the radiator malfunctions, it heats the fluid and engine, increasing their temperatures. In that case, the engine with the overdrive button would not function well.

When the wires connected to this button burn, it will not function properly. Wiring issues could shorten your vehicle’s overdrive button circuit. If this happens, the button will not work until you repair the damaged wires.

PCM, your vehicle computer, could also be a major cause of the overdrive button not working. If you can’t find a hardware problem responsible for the button’s failure, it’s likely a software issue.

How to Fix Ford Explorer Overdrive Button Not Working

The only time you should not be worried about the Ford Explorer overdrive button not working is when the cold weather causes the issue. In this case, you should switch on the engine and wait for a while before driving the car. The process would heat all the car’s parts enough to prevent the override button from malfunctioning. Consider taking your vehicle to a mechanic if the problem is not solved after this process.

When the overdrive button doesn’t work, it shouldn’t be a major concern because you can drive your car to the mechanic. The auto repair expert would examine the issue to determine its root cause. Once the issue has been identified, they will make the necessary repairs.

For instance, they would work on your transmission fluid’s pressure and temperature to ensure it’s at the required levels. If a high temperature in the fluid pressure causes the issue, it means that the radiator is faulty. In this case, the mechanic would make the necessary repairs on this device. If you’ve driven the car for long distances, it could be time you replaced the radiator.

According to Mechanic Base, the mechanic identifies what needs correcting when a faulty VSS causes the issue. Sometimes, a replacement is necessary to correct the issue.

Identifying an oil leak’s source would also help correct the issues. An oil leak will likely occur on old vehicles whose parts have suffered wear and tear. Hence, the auto repair expert would identify the source of the leak to determine whether or not a replacement is needed.

Faulty electrical connections could also cause a Ford Explorer overdrive button not to work. In such a case, an expert would correct the connections, solving them in less than an hour.

If the vehicle computer causes an issue, debugging or updating the software could solve the issue.

What Is the Cost of Repairing the Ford Explorer Overdrive Button Not Working?

Various issues can cause the vehicle’s override button to stop working. Therefore, the repair cost would vary from one issue to another. For instance, a faulty radiator that needs a replacement would cost you more to repair than wires that need a simple connection. Also, every auto shop has its charges for repairing a faulty overdrive button.

The best way to find out the cost is by contacting your mechanic. They would examine the vehicle to determine what needs repairs and give you an estimate. The best part about having an auto repair expert to work on your vehicle is that they offer quality services. They will repair your car without causing further damage.

Can I Fix A for Explore Overdrive Button?

The only time you should fix the faulty overdrive button without worrying about damaging the car is when the cold weather causes it. In this case, you should let your car warm after switching on the button.

If the process doesn’t succeed, consider hiring a mechanic. Although the Ford Explorer has a manual for correcting different car errors, fixing the problem might cause more damage to your car. Such is a common case when you don’t have sufficient knowledge of how to fix cars. You don’t want to pay extra amounts for a solvable problem at a small fee. You might also not have the necessary tools for diagnosing the issue, but mechanics do.

While a faulty Ford Explorer button is not a major concern, you should have it repaired. It will save you fuel and prolong your vehicle’s life, especially when driving at high speed on the highway. A qualified mechanic would know how to solve the issue.

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